Baptism is the first sacrament, which incorporates us into the body of Christ by making us part of the community of faith. It is the door that leads to the reception of the others sacraments and marks the beginning of a life long journey of faith and encounter with Jesus Christ. Baptism wipes away original sin and committed sins and sets one on the path of Christian love and discovery of our Christian dignity and Catholic identity.

For us in Kedron Brook community baptism is all about belonging and a way in which we welcome one into our community of faith.Baptism is the first of three Sacraments of Initiation in the Catholic Church. The other two are Confirmation and Eucharist. Through Baptism we are incorporated into the body of Christ.

Baptism in our Parish

Infants are baptised on the request of their parents, usually in the first year of life and in their home parish. At least one parent should be Catholic.

Baptism is celebrated at St John the Baptist and St Columba’s on Sunday mornings at 11am and on Saturdays at 10am.  St Carthage’s and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception are by appointment. These dates may change due to Father’s other commitments.

How do I start the process?

1. You need to attend our Baptism preparation session held at St John the Baptist Church Hall, 131 South Pine Road, Enoggera (right next to the St John the Baptist Church) from 10am to 11am on the first Saturday of each month February through November (none in January). Everyone is welcome, please check in at the door by using the scan code 

2. When you attend your session, you will meet other families and get an introduction/refresher to the Sacrament of Baptism. Your questions are answered by our facilitators at the session and we will give you a form to fill in.

3. Complete your form, nominating a first and second preference for dates, and return it to the Parish Office along with a copy of your child’s birth certificate and a copy of one parent’s CATHOLIC baptism certificate. We will send you an acknowledgement email confirming your date.

4. Attend Mass at your chosen Parish and meet other parishioners and Father (he is keen to meet you if he hasn’t already).

It is important to remember not to make travel bookings for family or send out invitations until your date has been confirmed by the Parish Office.

We are unable to take date bookings before you have attended our preparation session as we have a large number of Baptism requests.

Please do not request a Baptism date that is within one week of you submitting your form unless you have a good reason.

If you have your own Priest or your child is 8 years or older, please let the facilitator know and call the Parish Office to make specific arrangements.

For Godparents

Information for Godparents

At the Baptism of your godchild you will make a public promise to help the parents bring up this child in the Catholic faith, loving God and neighbour as Jesus Christ taught us. Read about Ten Ways to be a Great Godparent:

Ten ways to be a Great Godparent

    Celebration of baptism for older children:

    There are situations when some children are not baptised yet every Sunday they sit with their parents and celebrate mass.

    Once a year we will conduct a preparation class for such children who are 8 years old or above during lent. We celebrate the sacrament of baptism for this category of children at our Easter celebrations for them and afterwards they join their mates in celebrating other sacraments.

    For a children who are 12 and young teenagers, they have a specialised RCIA program after which they receive full baptism, confirmation and Eucharist on Holy Saturday. For more information contact

    Celebration of Baptism for Adults:

    We celebrate adult baptism once a year. This takes place at a period of RCIA preparation program not less than six months. This is because of our belief that catholic education goes deeper than class room program but more of an on going journey of discovering and immersion into the life giver experience and encounter with God. RCIA is run from September all through the Lenten program. After RCIA program and preparation, full sacrament of initiation of adult is celebrated on the Holy Saturday celebration. For more information please contact the Pastoral Coordinator

    For more information about Baptism visit the Flame of Faith website.

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